After working as a Vice-Consul in Geneva from 1963 to 1966, where he dealt mostly with multilateral problems, he got an offer for working in the U.N. as a Senior Officer. He declined it on the grounds that his services were more useful to his own country.

Geneva was the happiest period of our lives. Pops played pranks on his friends and diplomats, took us on picnics to the gorgeous, wild Alps, while school inculcated in us a love for nature’s beauty. Lalit Mansingh, Kamalesh Kumar, Muchkund Dubey – all distinguished IFS officers and two future foreign secretaries, were part of our circle. We made some Family friends who lasted us for decades. The beauty of Switzerland lodged itself firmly in our souls.

On a trip back, to Chhapra on home leave, he pointed out the Milky Way resplendent in the skies, explained to us concepts relating to the speed of light, and seeded in us a great love for astronomy and the marvels of science and the Universe.

He came back to India in 1966 and worked as Special Assistant to Dinesh Singh, then Commerce and later Foreign Minister of India. Here, Shri Purushottam acquired vast experience in national and international relations.